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Radoil announces second successful shear test

July 8, 2011

Radoil, Inc. has successfully completed an oil industry first by designing and producing a shearable drill collar.

At Cameron’s Houston, TX BOP test facility a group of 8 deepwater industry individuals witnessed the 963 psi. shearing and subsequent low (250 psi) and high (10,000 psi) wellbore pressure BOP sealing of Radoil’s new drill collar design. This is our second successful shear test and represents a significant step forward in DRILLING SAFETY as it provides a replacement for the traditional un-shearable solid steel drill collars.

Radoil would like to thank Cameron for their assistance and involvement in providing an 18 ¾”, 15K AWKS BOP fitted with SSSR Rams, to shear the drill collar. The new drill collar is a patent pending design which includes an outer 6.75″, .5″ wall shell and an inner 2.157″, .109″ wall bore pipe with the interstitial space filled with lead. The shearable drill collar has a weight of 141.9 lb/ft versus 108.3 lb/ft with solid steel drill collars. The drill collar’s lead filled design makes it shearable while providing the desired weight and stiffness for normal drilling operations.