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New Product Launched at NPE 2012

April 2, 2012

Tulsa Power has just released their new line of high performance coilers. The Automatic Cut & Transfer (ACT) series of coilers incorporates a dual spindle turret winder designed for winding material from .032″ to 1″ diameter inline in an extrusion process.

The systems are equipped to have the ability to coil or spool as a standard (coiling heads optionally available). The fully automatic, highly reliable system offers a cut and transfer feature that upon the receipt of a signal from the total length counter quickly cuts, clamps, and transfers the product from full reel to empty reel without process interruptions at speeds up to 1000fpm. An ultrasonic dancer locates the position of the product and assures a smooth functioning of tension controlled winding without making contact with the product. This loop control system offers the lowest tension possible for winding even the most sensitive products.