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Reel Power Oil & Gas MUX and Hotline Reels Assist in the World Water-Depth Drilling Record in 10,385 Feet of Water Off India

February 21, 2013

HOUSTON, TX – February 21, 2013 – Reel Power Oil & Gas is pleased to announce that its MUX and Hotline
Reels were used on both of the following Transocean ultra-deepwater drillships as their waterdepth
drilling records were set offshore India. MUX and Hotline Reels are installed on the rig
near the rig’s moon-pool. MUX Reels store and deploy electric and fiber optic cables and
Hotline Reels store and deploy hydraulic hoses. The electric/fiber optic cables and hydraulic
hoses communicate and operate the Blowout Preventer (BOP) System positioned on the ocean
floor during deepwater drilling. Please read a portion of Transocean’s February 2013 press
release which follows:
“Transocean Ltd. (NYSE: RIG) (SIX: RIGN) announces that the ultra-deepwater drillship
Dhirubhai Deepwater KG1 has set a new world record for the deepest water depth by an
offshore drilling rig of 10,385 feet of water (3,165 meters) while working for ONGC off the East
coast of India. This milestone surpasses Transocean’s prior world record of 10,194 feet of water
set by the KG1’s sister rig, Dhirubhai Deepwater KG2, of 10,194 feet of water (3,107 meters) in
2011 while working for Reliance in India.”
Reel Power Oil & Gas is an ISO 9001:2008 certified engineering, design and manufacturing company located
on the NW side of Houston, TX. Reel Power Oil & Gas provides a variety of products that are used in
deepwater drilling activities around the world and we are currently expanding our product lines
into the completion and production processes as well.