Unsolicited Resumes

Unsolicited Resumes to Managers and Third Party Resumes

To all 3rd party recruiters and staffing agents:

Thank you for your interest in providing hiring services to Reel Power International companies. The following information applies for all Reel Power International entities. We do not accept unsolicited resumes from Third Party Agencies.

Presently, we work with a group of approved vendors who support our search and recruitment requests. In the absence of a signed Master Service Agreement, and an approved vendor, Reel Power International will not consider or approve payment regarding recruiter fees or referral compensations. In the event a recruiter or agency submits a resume or candidate without a previously signed agreement, Reel Power International explicitly reserves the right to pursue and hire those candidate(s) without any financial responsibility to the recruiter or agency.

Resumes sent to any employee(s) other than Reel Power International internal HR recruiting staff, or Executive Management, even if a contract is in place, will be considered unsolicited. All vendors must have a signed Reel Power International vendor agreement from Executive Management. Verbal or written commitments from any other member of the Reel Power International staff will not be binding.